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The inevitable volumetric future

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We are inducing an inevitable paradigm shift in interactive computer simulation and graphics

This allows us to build highly detailed, massively shared, and deeply interactive volumetric worlds

There, millions of people will work, play, and learn through each others' unrestrained creative output

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The currently dominant 3D graphics and simulation paradigm, vector-based triangle/polygon meshes, is fundamentally limited

Meshes only model surfaces - a severely lacking and hollow approximation of reality


Mesh content creation is complex and technically demanding; costly with high barriers of entry


Many layers of “hacks” (e.g. UVs) make editing and distributing mesh assets prohibitively cumbersome

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Volumetric, sampled geometry: "volume pixels" aka voxels solve these issues - if they can be processed fast enough for real-time simulations on widespread client hardware


They can represent the full depth of matter; a fundamentally more accurate model of reality


Content creation is direct and straightforward, like working in clay. Children can do it (see Minecraft)


Uniform and simple structure allow for granular level-of-detail and powerful scaling

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Why Now?

Large scenes made out of millimeter-scale voxels presents a difficult data management problem

Atomontage has focused fifteen years of R&D on this challenge, resulting in patent-pending breakthroughs that finally allow volumetric simulations to scale in deeply interactive 3D applications

Other features recently proven viable with our voxel tech include complex rigid-body physics, soft-body deformations, standard PBR shaders, and efficient playback of multiple volumetric video streams

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Join Us

We are looking for talented visionaries to join our quest toward the volumetric future of computer simulation and graphics


”There's always a technology frontier somewhere, and one of the best reasons to go work there is that it's where the smartest and most interesting people congregate.”
- Sam Altman


Atomontage Slovakia

Although we are a U.S.-based company, our first physical engineering office has recently been established in Bratislava, Slovakia. There, in the heart of Old Town, among its cobblestone streets and medieval structures, we are currently growing our Core Tech team. They are a small group of top software engineers, focused on building our first foundational products in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading technology and content companies. We are looking to add passionate specialists in 3D simulation, rendering, GPU, GPGPU, authoring tools, UI, UX, compression, and video codec technologies to join us here - if that might be you, please see further details.

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