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and become part of the history of 3D computer graphics!

The real-time 3D industry has suffered long enough. Let's stop it! We can replace polygons with atoms today. The later we do the more it will cost and the less fun we'll have.

We need no ten more years, no new hardware, no completely new tools, no new blood to start this revolution. We need ONE project, a demo, a simple game, an interactive little something that will show the game players as well as the people in the industry that atoms are better than polygons.

Atomontage Engine is my personal project since the very beginning. It is already starting to be a recognized experimental engine. But that's not enough.

You can help me to develop that one showcase that will trigger a wave of interest in voxels, points and particles among all people in the industry. A revolution will follow. And you can be part of it.

With donating you will make your name, message or graphic appear in the upcoming Atomontage Engine outputs (example
1, 2, 3).

Feel free to donate any amount you'd like. Your name or the message you leave will be carved in a virtual stone or drawn onto a building or other object and shown in the future screenshots, video(s) and possibly demo(s) of Atomontage Engine. Read more.

If you donate USD90 or more you can send me an image (e.g. the logo of your company). The image will be shown in the future screenshots, video(s) and possibly demo(s) of Atomontage Engine. Read more.

You can send me 3D art (e.g. a 3D logo of your company) as well. Read more.

My plan is to release the first executable tech demo of Atomontage Engine or a demo of the first game powered by Atomontage Engine when the time is right. Chance is that the demo will be the first product of its kind in the history of real-time computer graphics. I will do my best to make your name, your message or your graphic part of it. Forever!

Thank you.

Branislav Siles

List of Donators


Samuel Di Giovanni

Jack Pilley

Diego Dolle

FrankEno MadPig

Michal Bigoš

Tomáš Hajas

Paul Sutter


Lobo estuvo aquí

Erik Sombroek

C+E=voxel woRlds!

Rami Najib

Stoyan Radev

Jeroen Goselink

Kay Elspas

Leonard Speiser


This project is revolutionary!

Logan Wolf

To the future. -Nic Schweitzer

Gushcha Anton

Joe Thiel

Janis Taranda

Johnathon Selstad

Julian Schütze, Germany

Alan Siefert

roman retzlaff

Dennis Bautembach

Валяренко Дмитрий

Sebastian Fey

Alvaro Perez Zamarron

Ferdinand Hüßner


Tim Evans

Thomas Schütze, Germany

To the future of unlimited 3D design! Thank you
for you amazing work! -Stephen Shortell

To an epic evolution in gaming

Riaan Prinsloo

The Stars are right for this project! IA! IA!


Brandon Pietras

Varian Excalibur

michael eastwood

Ivan Dimbleby

Juan Pedro de Andres Diaz

Jasper Wilson

Peter Flagg, UK

James Kirkwood

Justin Amos


Fuad Abdallah, Germany

Константин Владимиров

Patrick Larsen

Roman Hauzar

Peter Coyne

Johannes Rentrop



Dr. Frott approved!

Jason Law

morten hedegaard

Nikola Kołodziejczyk

Braden Davis

Nicholas Matthew Smith, Australia

Chris Bolton


Keinan Powers

antti ilvessuo

Christopher Kopecky

Frédéric Dreuilhe

Lars Beinsen

Martin Kútny

Alexandre FLAMAND

Martin Greip

Hampus Persson

Jacopo Buttiglieri

Zachery Hitchcock

Alexander Stoll

Kevin Hikaru Evans :3

Gavan Woolery

André Furchner


Ari Nykänen

Sampo Karvonen

Tony Pallitta

Florian Manz

Konstantin Morozov, Russia

Aleksandr Krivosheya, Ukraine

Gabriel Morin

Yann Achard

Alan Colon

Alexander Mardari

Sup. :D

Alexey Tikhonov

Sami Saarinen, Finland

Firtina Ozbalikchi

Frank Vreriks

Juan Pablo Carbajal

Boštjan Pišler

Lachlan Stuart, New Zealand

Jukka Kivijärvi

Mikko Särkkä

Josh Nickell, USA

Damian Tokarski

thomas steding

tommi antila

Peter Rasmussen, DK (@Zadco)

Lukasz Buldak, Polska

Stefan Zaufl

Antti Peussa

David Sexton

Thomas Wightman

Death Is Not The End - Marc Schmider

mathias VERATORO

Eric Bitan

Ignatus Zuk, Russia

Daniel Franzén

James Pierce

Meitzi, Finland

kevin mcentee

Adam Gerych


Robert Balcerowicz


L4zyCod3r, Russia

Christoffer Möller

Marcus Hoffman


Your work is amazing!

Attila Falus

Roman Tupikov, Russia

marco de rossi

DuhForum <3

Lucas Vázquez Besteiro

Vasiliy Halimonchuk, Ukraine

Jonathan Winandy

To world domination and beyond.

Jonathan Winger-Lang, Sweden

Jake Bruce

Skvela prace, jen tak dal! @filiphracek

whirlpool forums user

Pig Patrol

Tobias Hanauska

Oliver Zinke

Vladimír Pavlišin, Slovakia

Matei-Eugen Vasile, Romania

Mária Slivová, Slovakia

Gareth Isherwood

Jarosław Bielenin

John Falk, Sweden

Benjamin Grayland, Australia

Sam Jamal, Canada

Peter Síleš, Slovakia

Special Thanks to My Mother for All of Her Support

- The donators are sorted by the donation date. A repeated donation will make the donator appear on the top of the list.
- The font size/size of a logo depends on the (total) donation amount.
- If you don't want your name (or message) to be listed here as well as in our screenshots/videos/demos just let me know via e-mail (please identify your donation in that e-mail). Your donation will be displayed as "Anonymous" after that (read more below). Note that once a screenshot/video/demo was released it cannot be changed anymore.
- Please contact me if you want me to make any correction in the list.

Other Ways to Donate

contact me for details.


Message Hints
  • if you make a donation via PayPal you can type your message into the "Text to be carved in stone" field in the donation form
  • you may also send the message via e-mail, skype, etc.
  • if you don't specify a message then your name or your name, country will be used instead (correction: if the message is too long then your name or your name, country will be used in the list of donators; the message will still be presented in AE outputs)
  • please, keep the message short so that it fits well onto a stone or something similar
  • the placement and/or size of the text in the scene will be proportional to the donation amount
  • the message can contain your name, the donation amount, your FB/YT/Twitter or your website's address, the name of your company, gaming clan or anything else
  • the message should not violate someone's rights
  • specify the message "anonymous" to avoid displaying your name
  • contact me if you want to make any corrections to the way your name or message is presented
  • a donation of $5 is very helpful, believe me. Just imagine 100 people deciding not to donate $5 because they think $5 is too little... :-)


If you donate USD90 or more you have the option to send me an image to be shown on AE website as well as in the future AE screenshots, video(s) and possibly demo(s) (incl. in the end titles). The image will be included in a way that won't be disturbing regarding the purpose of the released output so that for example some dirt and possibly partial damage will be applied to the surface covered with the graphic if part of a wall of a building. F.A.Q./Hints:
  • feel free to contact me to discuss the use of the image prior to making the donation
  • if the image contains copyrighted material then it has to be sent from an e-mail address of a person who has the right to provide me with that material
  • in some cases I will send a validation e-mail to the sender's address to validate the image by the sender prior to its usage in AE outputs
  • you bear the full responsibility for that the content of the image can be shown in AE outputs
  • the image can only contain content that doesn't violate anybody's rights
  • the placement and/or size of the graphic in the scene will be proportional to the donation amount
  • the image should be of some of the common formats (jpeg, png or similar)
  • the image may contain alpha-channel, in such case alpha-blending will be applied when transforming its content into voxelized form
  • the resolution of the image should be high (e.g. 1024x512 or more) if it is expected that it will cover a large surface
  • feel free to contact me if you need any additional information

3D Art/Misc Hints

You can send me 3D art you would like to present in AE outputs (for example a 3D logo of your company). Please
contact me to discuss its use prior to making the donation.

Feel free to contact me if you have ideas on other form of presentation that suits your needs.

Your name will be carved in stone/concrete/...

Read more
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