USE CASE: Underwater Wreck Scans

Gaudi said that "there are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature", and that's especially true for anything found underwater. The challenge of representing extremely bumpy and barnacle-encrusted objects in a computer, highlights the shortcomings of triangle-based 3D approaches.

Technical scuba diving means going beyond the recreational 40 meters in depth, and that's where Brett Eldridge finds most of the wrecks that he scans with photogrammetry. We are proud to show how not one, but multiple of his hugely detailed scans can now be viewed in a browser, on a phone, or in mobile XR headsets - without compromising on size or detail!

Step 1 - Capture

Underwater photogrammetry capture

Brett's photogrammetry is a painstaking process of taking thousands of overlapping photos at technical diving depths.
(Photo above © Drew WIlson)


The photogrammetry software processing

Using existing software solutions, the many photos are then turned into a 3D reconstruction of the scene or object.


Uploading ALL the data to Atomontage

The undecimated output exported from photogrammetry workflows are uploaded to our backend, and processed.


Assemble many datasets into a single Montage; edit them with intuitive tools

Heavy scans can be interactively arranged and improved with intuitive tools to remove artefacts - all in a browser.


Sharing the finished Montage with a URL; sending viewers to a specific vantage point

The whole Montage can easily be shared with anyone else in the world, sending them to a chosen place inside to meet.


Recipients of the Montage URL can view ALL captured details on almost any device

Seconds after clicking the link, viewers can interactively experience it all - in their browser, phone, or mobile XR.

See your own data as microvoxels in our photogrammetry pilot program.
Upload today - we will take care of the rest!

Live Underwater Scan Montage

Underwater Wreck Triptych

A set of three underwater WWII plane wrecks captured at three separate locations off the coast of California: A P-38, a Bearcat, and a TBF-1C Avenger. They have been gathered here in the same Montage for you to enjoy in every detail, including V12 engines, .50 cal machine guns, ammo boxes, wolf eels, and squid eggs. Scanned and data copyright by Brett Eldridge.


"It is very cool to have several of my airplane wreck scans in one space - at a level of detail that I previously couldn't share in even a single model! I have been working on high resolution underwater photogrammetry for a while, but lacked the ability to easily show my output to other people with the proper level of detail. For any professional (archaeologists, doctors, etc.) who is looking to put 3D data online for others to view, I think Atomontage is a great solution."

Brett Eldridge

Technical Scuba Diver

See your own data as microvoxels in our photogrammetry pilot program.
Upload today - we will take care of the rest!