USE CASE: High-end Photogrammetry

World-class photogrammetry professional Paul Safko has specialized in scanning important cultural heritage sites at sub-millimeter detail.

We worked with Paul on an exclusive project: To create a digital twin of an entire salon room in a palace in the Czech Republic, filled with paintings and baroque furniture - all at 0.125mm resolution in a single Montage!

Step 1 - Capture

Professional photogrammetry capture

High-end photogrammetry is a painstaking process of taking thousands of overlapping DSLR and drone photos.


The photogrammetry software processing

Using existing software solutions, the many photos are then turned into a 3D reconstruction of the scene or object.


Uploading ALL the data to Atomontage

The undecimated output exported from photogrammetry workflows are uploaded to our backend, and processed.


Assemble many datasets into a single Montage; edit them with intuitive tools

Heavy scans can be interactively arranged and improved with intuitive tools to remove artefacts and repair holes.


Sharing the finished Montage with a URL; sending viewers to a specific vantage point

The whole Montage can easily be shared with anyone else in the world, sending them to a chosen place inside to meet.


Recipients of the Montage URL can view ALL captured details on almost any device

Seconds after clicking the link, viewers can interactively experience it all - in their browser, phone, or mobile VR.

See your own data as microvoxels in our first photogrammetry pilot program.
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Live Photogrammetry Montages

Photogrammetry Gallery

A collection of cultural heritage captures of various statues, artefacts, paintings, and scanned heads - all at or finer than 0.125mm voxel resolution!


"Presenting ultra-large, highly detailed cultural heritage 3D scans that are as true to the real object as possible, has always been a technical challenge - until now. Clients can finally easily move around a rich 3D scene without the need to first heavily downscale the scan. All that compromise is simply not necessary anymore."

Paul Safko

3D Scanning & Photogrammetry Expert

See your own data as microvoxels in our first photogrammetry pilot program.
Contact us today - only 2 of 5 slots remain!