Underwater Airplane Wreck Scans use-case

July 18, 2023

🌊 Gaudi said that nature lacks straight lines and sharp corners - and this is particularly true underwater. The challenge of capturing and conveying extremely bumpy and barnacle-encrusted objects via computers, highlights the shortcomings of triangle-based 3D representations.

🥽 Brett Eldridge, a technical scuba diver, explores depths beyond the recreational limit of 40 meters. There, he meticulously scans wrecks of both boats and planes with photogrammetry. 📷

🌟 At Atomontage, we take immense pride in presenting the results of Brett's work, without losing ANY of his hard-earned details. Thanks to our unique microvoxel streaming solution, we let you interactively explore not just one, but multiple mega-intricate scans of these captivating WWII-era airplane wrecks, HERE.

📱 You can dive in directly with your web browser right now - and soon on your phone, or through mobile XR headsets. All within seconds of clicking a link, no signup needed! Just pure exploration. 🌍