Atomontage 2024 Edition LAUNCH

December 20, 2023

Another major milestone reached: We are proud to kick off a new release cadence of our Virtual Matter™ platform that unlocks game-changing mobile accessibility and AI integration:

  • Native mobile clients in both app stores (please try them out!)

  • Self-serve backend flow for Makers to upload their 3D content Virtual Matter  Montage

  • Drag-and-drop or one-tap CSM AI generation integration in both backend and in clients

  • Client connections fully decoupled; tested beyond 60 connections to one Montage

  • New photoshop-for-3D tools such as smoothing (clone stamp coming soon!)

  • Embedding of multiple WASM clients into a web page

  • Physically Based Rendering teaser in the trailer above

What's even more exciting than all of the above, is the phase of our product roadmap that comes next: Game Development!