Share huge 3D data without losing detail

You worked hard for it, so


Our breakthroughs in representing large 3D content using many tiny samples allow you to easily share all your data, including all its detail, with anyone, on almost any device.

Do this instead:

Upload ALL

Place several of your un-decimated, un-cropped, full-resolution image stacks, textured meshes, etc. into the same 3D Montage after uploading them only once.


Voxelized into a live Montage, your huge content can be collaboratively edited to clean up artefacts and augment it all with interactive tools that feel like working in clay.


Send your Montage’s URL to let anyone explore all its detail with one click - no signup or installation needed on their end if they have a modern desktop web browser.

Experience a Montage with one click. Make your own with a 14-day free trial.


The Atomontage platform is universal in the sense that it will convert almost any type and format of 3D content into our microvoxel structures. Then, it can all be mixed and re-mixed endlessly within your virtual world containers in the cloud that we call Montages.

Textured Meshes

Polygon mesh surfaces built from triangles, with images UV-mapped onto them.

Image Stacks

Volumetric 3D data built up from stacks of 2D images; common in bioimaging.

Point Clouds

Unordered clouds of samples in space, often from LiDAR and similar scan devices.

Voxel exports

Ordered sample data exported from tools like MagicaVoxel and voxel-based games.

Procedurally Generated

Geometry generated by code - straightforward when simply plotting voxels in 3D.

Your Montage is live. Now you can:


Add, remove, or paint on virtual matter as if it was clay - all changes are persistent.


Easily and accurately size up and show distances, areas, angles, and volumes.


Point out interesting parts of your Montage; leave notes and links.


You can see, chat with, and do all these actions with anyone else connected.

Experience a Montage with one click. Make your own with a 14-day free trial.


The other way Atomontage can be considered a universal platform, is that your Montages can instantly be connected to by a growing array of devices running one of our thin clients:

Modern Web Browser

Any web browser that supports WASM can connect with just one click of a Montage link.

Desktop Native Client

Windows, MacOS, and Linux clients are soon available and offer better performance.

Mobile Native Client

Android and iOS native clients bring the magic of Montages to the palm of your hand.

Mobile XR

Self-contained AR/VR devices like the Meta Quest and HoloLens maximize immersion.


"Presenting ultra-large, highly detailed cultural heritage 3D scans that are as true to the real object as possible, has always been a technical challenge - until now. Clients can finally easily move around a rich 3D scene without the need to first heavily downscale the scan. All that compromise is simply not necessary anymore."

Paul Safko

3D Scanning & Photogrammetry Expert

See our case study with Paul here.

"In the life sciences, it's easy to create large datasets. However, it's challenging to view, edit, and share them with others without cropping or downsampling heavily - which gets in the way of our work. We have found a solution to this problem in the Atomontage platform."

Jan Mulder, Ph.D

Principal Investigator, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute

See our case study with the Karolinska Institute here.

"I'm always interested in new tech and new opportunities that give artists like myself more freedom in creating and pushing things forward. The Atomontage platform adds a whole new layer to my work as a world builder and will make it an exciting collective experience for the audience to explore and socialize at the same time.”

Mari K

Volumetric Sculptural Artist

Find more of Mari's work here and here.

Experience a Montage with one click. Make your own with a 14-day free trial.

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... media types go through phases of adoption that end in sampling as the dominant distribution method.

- John Carmack

It's clear now that voxels play a big role in the future.

- Tim Sweeney

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