The Atomontage platform is currently priced per live, sharable Montage per month - with an initial free trial period of 14 days.



for 14 days

Upload your 3D data and see what it looks like in an easily sharable Montage

No credit card needed

Trial starts when first Montage made

One Montage, limited connections

Immediate access to community



Low-cost tier coming soon

The way to easily share your 3D content without compromising on size or detail

Montage is publicly listed/accessible

Fewer concurrent connections

Limited content uploads per month

Community support through Discord



Per Month per Montage

Private and secure sharing of your data; for professionals with high demands

Private sharing of your Montage

The most concurrent connections

Unlimited content uploads per month

Premium support within 24 hours



Get a quote

For cutting-edge organizations with special scale, security, and support needs

Premium-level Montages

White-labeled client apps

Extra secure storage and servers

Bespoke support and engineering


If you have any questions regarding our various packages, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we’ll get back to you ASAP: