We are LIVE

December 1, 2021

To everyone who has been so patiently waiting to see the first manifestation of our tech teased for so long, there is a lot to take in today! There is a great writeup on VentureBeat that covers it well.

On our entirely new site, you are not only able to experience live prototypes of the tech in any modern web browser, but also to start creating and sharing your own 3D content using our unveiled cloud-native platform.

While the current minimum viable product state of the platform does support the visualization, editing, and sharing of huge 3D data, the coming year will be packed with major feature releases that move us as quickly as possible toward our big vision: supporting groundbreaking games and other deeply interactive experiences that Montage Makers (i.e. you) can directly monetize themselves.

We are looking forward to sharing more details about this roadmap filled with big features that are already well underway being developed, so sign up for the newsletter and be the first to know when they drop!