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Atomontage Inc. Launches to Bring Unprecedented Voxel Technology to Market; Announces Initial Founding Team and Advisors

Multiple industry-first breakthroughs based on 15 years of R&D is set to change the way people create, share, and engage with 3D content

Wilmington, DE – April 5, 2018 – Atomontage Inc. today announced the company’s official launch and founding team. The company is developing a breakthrough voxel technology that allows volumetric simulations to scale massively in fully interactive 3D applications. Its prototypes prove that AR/VR rendering and interaction with large voxel scenes is possible on low-end VR-ready hardware today.

“We’re unlocking the potential of the volumetric computer graphics paradigm to make it possible for people to enjoy and edit deeply interactive 3D environments with little to no technical experience. Running our software, common computers can now process enough voxels to make their traditionally blocky appearance almost vanish, while still being fast enough for VR and AR. We have been able to break through long-standing technical barriers to create more richly detailed simulations at a scale and resolution way beyond what’s previously been thought possible,” said founder and CEO, Branislav Siles. “We’re excited to now have a group of world-class people working to bring this powerful technology to market.”

Atomontage also announced the initial core team, which is comprised of games, visual computing, medical, and other marquee industry veterans, including:

  • Branislav Siles – co-founder and CEO – former demoscener with over 23 years in graphics programming and volumetric technology R&D

  • Dan Tabar – co-founder and President – technical producer, tools and games designer and developer, entrepreneur with two decades of experience

  • Trevor Snowden – VP, Production – senior software and entertainment production lead with 24 years of shipping more than 50 premium products

  • Justin Roiland -- animation and VR advisor, and pre-seed investor -- co-creator and executive producer of Rick and Morty and co-founder of Squanch Games

  • Tommy Palm – games and VR/AR industry advisor, and pre-seed investor – CEO of Resolution Games, ex-King Digital Entertainment Games Guru and five-time games industry entrepreneur

  • Laszlo Tabar, M.D. – medical imaging advisor and pre-seed investor – world-renowned mammography screener, researcher, and teacher

“The currently dominant 3D graphics and simulation paradigm, based on polygon meshes, is fundamentally flawed,” said Dan Tabar. “It is burdened by a large technical debt, which is paid for by increasingly complex toolchains, high skill requirements, costs, and general friction in all areas. On the other hand, the sampled volumetric geometry we’ve created presents a simpler and more granular representation of a scene, which makes most of these issues simply go away.”

“It may not be obvious to many people who have been using traditional polygonal 3D graphics for so long, but in order to make virtual worlds closely match reality, this paradigm shift is necessary and inevitable. Our universal format is the foundation for it to happen. This can be thought of as similar to what mp3s became for music, and jpegs for pictures - but now applied to 3D data,” added Siles.

“Imagine being able to view and edit large photogrammetry data sets without ever having to worry about polygon counts again. Or, helping doctors screen 3D medical imaging data in a much more intuitive manner through VR, so they can find cancers quickly and reliably. Or something like Minecraft, but with rich physics and super high voxel resolution, making the big blocks almost disappear.  We’re getting an immense amount of interest from users across industrial, medical, education, film, games, and other use-cases. More and more possible applications keep coming to our attention, and we’re looking forward to seeing the impact of our technology once we launch our first products next year,” added Dan Tabar.

The Atomontage platform is now being developed for use across multiple industries in 2019. The company will be doing live Voxel+VR demos during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA from March 19-22, 2018, by appointment only. To reach out about setting an appointment, see the latest demo video, learn more about the technology, and follow the company, go to

About Atomontage:

Atomontage Inc. is the creator of a breakthrough voxel technology that has been in R&D for more than 15 years, and is expected to be turned into available commercial products in 2019. Once launched, its volumetric platform will streamline the capture, creation, editing, distribution, and consumption of all forms of interactive 3D computer graphics – vastly improving current experiences across countless applications. The company is comprised of software engineering, games development, visual computing, and medical industry veterans. For more information, go to

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